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Student Comments
Parent Comments

“I did not have too much time to prepare Euclid Math Contest. Olympiad School uses a very effective method to help me prepare for the very tough Euclid Contest. He provided me with the most valid tips, kept things focused, and provided me with very useful personal feedback. I followed his guide and was really confident in taking Euclid Contest by the end of course. I greatly recommend Olympiad School to everybody for your preparation for Euclid Math Contest.”

— Vincent Chung, University of Toronto, June 20, 2017 


“When I planned to take Canadian Computing Competitions, I had no idea where to begin. However, Olympiad School got me through the material using a strategic sequence which maximized my retention for the contest. Its training program is intense, disciplined and grueling. It not only provided a comprehensive and consolidated approach for solving contest questions, but also improved my own confidence by knowing how to cope with the stress and manage time. I would not nearly have been so well-prepared on my own accord, given the same timeline. Definitely, joining Olympiad School is worthy for your money.”

— Brian Wong, University of Waterloo, July 30, 2017


“This Contest course is fantastic. I learned very good and abundant strategies, methods and knowledge which required to Canadian Mathematical Competition. It has opened my eyes and especially built my confidence. I appreciated the instructor's full commitment and his constant attention in helping me in the whole process, by giving appropriate material and precise explanations. He was also very open to my requests and questions, making the preparation an easy and feasible journey. I highly recommend this class to any one who want to get high contest score quickly.”

— Kevin Han, University of  Columbia, July 15, 2016


“Great course! Great Teacher! Real hands-on experiences and techniques that can help my son achieve 89 in Euclid Mathematics Contest ! Thanks for a lot for Olympiad School's coaching, you let my son enter the door of top universities. I was very impressed to the way you teach and communicate with me. You’re wonderful school and trustworthy friend.”

— Marlvin Tong, June 20 , 2017


“This is an excellent course of Canadian Mathematical Competition. The content and structure of the training course was exceptional. It is an intensive training but the excellent teacher is able to explain everything in a simple, clear way, easy to understand, very practical. Thank Olympiad School so much!.”

— James Liu, June 10 , 2017


“I greatly recommend Olympiad School for your preparation for Canadian Computing Competition. The school is proved to be a valuable resource for my daughter's contest and, and surely,  makes her facing the contest less anxiety and more confidence. It was very helpful and encouraged her to find the solutions by herself while giving helpful clues when she was stuck. She learned to see the patterns behind the problems and her skills drastically improved. The instructor was always there to answer her questions at any point and She greatly enjoyed learning.”

— Jessica Kim,  July 14, 2016


“During my son's class, the instructor provided the input needed for me to progress on a problem when he was stuck, but the instructor made sure that he did as much of the thinking as possible, which really made for the most learning. The instructor was always patient, methodical and well prepared to guide him through the learning process.
My son greatly enjoyed learning from Olympiad School.”

— Willam Goodyear, June 30, 2016

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