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Our Math Courses

Olympiad Education offers courses in all grades, from Canadian Competition to International Competition

Our courses are completely customized to your needs. Our excellent instructors will work with you every step of the way to help you earn your highest possible score. 

Math  Contest Preparation Programs

What are Canaidan Mathmatics Contests?

Canadian Mathematics Contests (CMC) are based on grades and hosted by the University of Waterloo. These competitions have been widely recognized among Canadian universities and have an international influence. Especially Euclid Contest has become a major factor in applying for top universities in Canada, and serves as a critical winning factor in applying for scholarships



These courses apply unique teaching methods to fulfill student potentials, enhance maths skills and arise interests. They can significantly improve student's ability to solve complex problems and advance mathematic thinking. Enhance understanding and fully prepare for the contest

Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge
COMC tests students' in-depth comprehension and computing capabilities in high school math subjects, and serves as a pre-selection for the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad. COMC's top 50 contestants and winner from each region would gain entry into the latter competition.

COMC Preparation - 20 hours 

Extra Sessions -  Canadian or International Olympiad Competition
(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)
Customized Prep Course for the following competitions: Canadian Mathematical Olympia and Canadian Computing Olympiad.


Euclid Math Contest Class

Grade 12 Level


Cayley Math Contest Class

Grade 10 Level


Gauss Math Contest Class

Grade 7- Grade 8 Level

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Fermat Math Contest Class

Grade 11 Level

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Pascal Math Contest Class

Grade 9 Level

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