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Teaching Process

Sessions are generally done weekly and last for 90 or 120 minutes. Session notes will be shared with the student right after the class.

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We start with a brief casual interview with the student to make sure the student is motivated, understands the difficulty of math competitions, and is able to put enough effort into succeeding

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We carefully evaluate every new student to get a good understanding of his or her weaknesses and strengths.

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we will frequently send my feedback to students and their parents to help them to grow quickly.

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When discussing solutions, we will start with the attempts that my student has made, even if that attempt doesn’t seem to get you anywhere. There is a great value in exploring an unsuccessful solution, both in understanding why it doesn’t work and in understanding where it might work. I present solutions in a way that allows a student understands how the solution can be obtained and what the thought process behind getting a certain solution is. I also  present alternative solutions to spark the students' creativity


After every session we assign about  carefully chosen– problems so the student works on those problems  before the following session. The student will send me his solutions or attempt to complete solutions.

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