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Top SAT, ACT, & Contest Prep

Prepare your child to succeed in Academic contests!

  • All of Our Instructors are Certified and Experienced

  • One-on-One Attention or Small Group  Study

  • Quickly Improves contest performance

  • Customized, Interactive and fun learning

  • Best Quality in Affordable Rate

  • We are serving in the Great Ottawa Area or On-Line 

Customized ​Learning 

Different Students Require Different Approaches to Learn. We can teach your child the tricks and techniques to win math contests and become nationally ranked. We will work on drills to improve mechanics as well as problem solving skills. We created customized lessons to help your child reach his/her maximum potential. We helped hundreds of students get into the top Canadian and American universities. 

Best Academic Contest Instructor

All teachers are certified and experienced:

  • 8 years of teaching experience in Canadian Contests and international competitions on average

  • Masters of  Computer Science or Math from University of Waterloo

  • Excellent Achievements in Canadian Contests and international competitions

  • Connection with many of the professors who create the math and computing contests while studying at University of Waterloo

Proven Success

Our students test on average 78% better then nationwide averages in Canadian and International Academic Competitions. 85% grade improvement; 90% higher contest  scores. As of June 25 2017,  11 students got score 80+ in Waterloo Euclid Mathematical Contest, 21 students got score 60+ in Canadian Computing Competition Junior Level, and 12 students got score 45+ in Canadian Computing Competition Senior Level. 32 students have been accepted into elite US and UK universities

In The News
Competition for
Top Universities
Fiercer Than Ever

This year 15000 students applied Mathematics programs at University of Waterloo but only 1200 students got offer. 7000 students applied Computer science programs but only 300 students were admitted. The difficulty of admission is more than Ivey Leagues.


June 15, 2017

Top Universities:
"Grades #1 Factor"

Euclid Math Contest has become a major factor in applying for engineering or science programs in top universities in Canada, and serves as a critical winning factor in applying for high entrance scholarships. e.g. $10000 at University of Waterloo if you got 90+ in Euclid Math Contest


May 12, 2017

CCC : a Steppingstone to Your Dream Major

The senior level of Canadian Computing Competition's performance has also become an important factor in applying to computer science software engineering or computer engineering programs in top Canadian universities.


July 1, 2017


     I greatly recommend Olympiad School to everybody for your preparation for Euclid Math Contest!

— Vincent Chung, University of Toronto



       I strongly recommend Olympiad School for your preparation for Canadian Computing Competition without any reservation.



— Jessica Kim,  a student's parent

     I highly recommend this class to any one who want to get high contest score quickly



— Kevin Han, University of Columbia

     Definitely, joining Olympiad School is worthy for your money!



— Brian Wong, University of Waterloo

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